On dealing with death - seneca

  • We all know that we have to die sometime.Then why, when it appears, do we pull back and tremble in fear.

  • We will go where all things go, where billions have gone before us. It is as frequent, normal and common as eating and defecating. It is nothing special. How is it a surprise?

  • By fearing death we are embracing slavery, a slavery to life. We will do any and everything to sustains it, honourable or dishonourable.

For life itself is slavery when one lacks the courage to die - Seneca

  • Think, are we alive now ? What are we doing with our lives that it so precious? Is the monotony of seeking pleasure, eating, sleeping and sex so entertaining?

  • Even If we are doing great work of meaning, charity and responsibility we should not forfeit the responsibility of dying honarably without fear.

  • Our responsible life is never cut short.

You are not abandoning any responsibilities, for there is no set number you have to fulfil. - Seneca

  • We live in a universe which is billions of years old. On this scale all life is short, be it 20 or 100 years.

  • The quantity does not matter.

Life is like a play: what matters is not how long the show goes on but how well it is acted. It makes no difference where you stop. Stop wherever you please; just make the
ending a good one.

Notes from Letters on Ethics: To Lucilius (The Complete Works of Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

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