On dealing with failures

  • Recovering from failure is extremely tough. This is because we are unaware of our ultimate freedom.

  • Unlike failing in a competition like the Olympics, where we have to wait for four years to try again, in the competition of life no one can restrain us from trying again immediately. No one of course besides ourselves.

  • We need to have clarity in what were are competing for in this competition of life.We compete for happiness.

  • No matter how many times we have failed or given up in this competition we are free to hit it again with the same zeal.We have unlimited turns in this magical game, until we die.

  • If you never yield to failure, that is victory in itself.

  • Here comes the tricky part - we can get too comfortable with failure and make it a habit.Do not make a habit of it.

  • When you find yourself thinking "So what I have failed before, I can fail again", stop.

  • We should be able to conquer failure but we should not get used to it.

  • When we fail in an undertaking, we should remember and log our faults when present, the hurt ,the pain that was suffered. Turn it into an opportunity, a lesson from life, the teacher. We should remember it like the pain of whipping, so we do our damnedest to refrain from our faults.

"Pain of experience has its beneficial influences" - Epictetus

  • It is inevitable and logical to assume that pain of experience makes us stronger and less likely to fail.

    “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”- Friedrich Nietzsche


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